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Be Holy For I Am Holy

uncovered treasure

 Weekly Biblical insight for leaders and growing Christ-followers.

Be Holy for I Am Holy
“...You shall therefore consecrate yourselves, and you shall be holy....” verse 44

For reading and meditation: Leviticus 11:44-45

Cleansing and separation in the days of Moses and Aaron had much to do with external items, foods, regulations, avoiding this and that, etc.  It also had to do with the hearts of the people being singularly dedicated to the LORD.  This wholehearted devotion is what would drive the people to obey God and experience Him and His will. Those who belong to God are to live a separated life because God is holy.

Today, it is not uncommon to find discussions about separation and consecration focusing on external items or issues; don’t touch this or that, avoid these or those.  Or, maybe  separation about location.  Living separate away from people - life in a monastery makes us holy? 

Beloved, the primary issue with God remains the devotion of our heart.  Are we wholeheartedly committed in our relationship with Him?  Does He have our attention?  Are our priorities reflecting God as sovereign?  Do my decisions, actions, and attitudes reflect Christ’s life?  Would you say your life (all that is included) belongs to God and His will?  What leads you to come to that conclusion?

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Maximizing Leaders

Leadership development has been pointed out as the greatest need in the churches around the world. Leadership development and disciple-making is what God has called us to do. IMD International fulfills God's call by identifying and coming alongside KEY indigenous Christian leaders and helping them in the development of current and future leaders.

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