History of IMD

The LORD granted in 2017 the first-time experience of having in one year more than 6,000 pastors and church leaders come under the teachings given us by God.  Our aim has never been to pursue a certain number of teaching-recipients.

From the launch of the Colorado-based ministry in January 1994, our focus has been to equip Christ-followers to better carry out their God-given purpose(s).  Within a year, God connected us locally around Colorado and internationally in South Africa.  The particular emphasis God was giving us to give to others had to do with the inner man.  He was guiding us to strengthen the inner man through His Word.

The audience God gathered was most commonly pastors and ministry leaders – hungry to know more of God and His Word in order to apply the same in their life.  Within 10 years, God allowed us to minister annually to more than 1,000 pastors and ministry leaders.  International partnerships increased to 14 by 2005 in countries such as Ukraine, France, India, South Africa, and Zambia.

2010 was the year God began to sharpen our focus toward training trainers of leaders.  By 2013, God was connecting IMD with regional and global networks of key men and ministry organizations desiring to receive the training God was releasing to us.

Developing a worldwide network of master teachers came clearly as God’s direction in 2014.  Through gifted, called, and experienced Spirit-led master teachers, many, many more pastors and church leaders could be strengthened with God’s Word.  With more than 30 master teachers now in place in a variety of countries, thousands of pastors and ministry leaders annually are being “strengthened with power in the inner man” according to God’s Word.

We are now discovering in the USA the pastors and Bible teachers God is calling to join with us in this worldwide kingdom-impacting enterprise. Through teaching our God-given curriculum, series by series, to these USA-based pastors and Bible teachers, we are able to equip an ever-increasing band of volunteer teachers and trainers. These USA-based pastors and Bible teachers are committing to reproduce the teachings in their own life, in their own networks, and periodically in international fields so we can engage the myriad of training invitations coming to us worldwide.