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We teach, train and encourage leaders in the Body of Christ.

Many ministries are engaged in “Leadership Development” or “Pastoral Training”

Typically leaders receive three different kinds of training.



  • Head Training – Church leaders need theology training that involves increasing in knowledge about God, doctrines and ministry.
  • Hand Training – Church leaders need skills training on practical methods and skills that are required in ministry.
  • Heart Training – Church leaders need character training to strengthen their hearts for the work that is before them.




IMD International (see IMD International history) has a specific calling to provide Heart Training to leaders in the Body of Christ around the world.  We see leaders fall from the ministry that God called them to all around the world.  They do not fall because of a lack of knowledge or skill. They fall because of a heart problem.  We are a network of Master Teachers that provide training in this critical area.  If you, or someone you know,would like to join us in giving “Heart Training” around the world, or in your own back yard, please contact us at contact@imdinternational.org

USA-Based Master Teachers

Internationally-Based Master Teachers

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