Mission and Vision



IMD International is a teaching and training ministry focused on equipping a worldwide network of Master Teachers who will equip individual believers, ministry groups, leadership persons, and churches as a whole to better carry out their God-given ministry.



IMD International will engage in teaching and training exercises and events in carrying out its mission.  These will be accomplished through our staff and / or our network of highly qualified teacher / trainers (gifted and called trainers of Spirit-confirmation) with whom we have a Spirit-led relationship.

IMD International will minister throughout the world – whether or not financial compensation is available from the recipients.  Ministry may consist of single sessions, conferences, seminars, and/or personal mentoring.  These ministries may occur in short term sessions as well as over long term repeated engagements.

IMD International will fulfill its mission by assisting, encouraging, and advancing Master Teachers engaged in teaching and training

IMD International will engage in the development and production of teaching and training resources – electronic, print, audio, and video – to assist in carrying out its mission.