Recent Projects

Check out our Photo Galleries below to see some of our recent training projects and trips.



May 2023 – Liberia working with Leadership Enrichment Network


April 2023- Egypt working with tCEgypt


November 2022 – Egypt working with tCEgypt


October 2022 – Working with Leadership Enrichment Network in Liberia



September 2022 India – Working with Philemon in India

September 2022 – Nepal – IMD Asia teachers gathering


September 2022 – Bangladesh with Bony Baroi and Bangladesh Evangelical Revival Church


August 2022 – South Africa with Koos and Jeni Basson of IMD Africa


June 2022 – Kenya with TTI

June 2022 – Kenya with IMD Ndugu

June 2022 – Rwanda with Christian Brethren Assemblies

May 2022 – Ganta Liberia with Leadership Enrichment Network

March 2022 – Cairo, Alexandria and Minya, Egypt – training leaders with tCEgypt.

November 2021 – Cairo, Alexandria and Minya, Egypt – training leaders with tCEgypt.

October 2021 – Ganta, Liberia – Norm and Carl completed a Hearing From God training with pastors and leaders from Leadership Enrichment Network.

June 2021 – Cairo, Egypt – Norm, Phil, Alan and Glen training 35 Realities with our Egyptian partner organization.


May 2021 – Ganta, Liberia- Phil, Brian and Carl trained 30+ pastors and leaders from the Leadership Enrichment Network.


Nov 2020 – Cairo, Egypt- Training Building the Inner Man to a rapidly growing, youth-led, church planting and church growth minstry in Cairo.

Due to security concerns we are not able to post pictures of the attendees.


February 2020 – Suriname and French Guiana training on Building the Inner Man


December 2019- Bangkok, Thailand- Training on Building the Inner Man

Working with Pakistani Refugees and research for a future gathering in Bangkok.


October 2019- Nepalgunj, Nepal.  Training on Stewardship


October 2019- New Delhi India.  Training Sufficiency of Christ with our IMD Asia team.


August 2019- Atlanta Georgia, teacher training and strategy event


July 2019-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with  The Timothy Initiative


July 2019-Nairobi, Kenya Hearing From God with IMD Ndugu

IMD is committed to equipping a group of leadrs in Eastern Africa, so that they may be strong in their inner man, and fulfill their God-given calling.


July  2019- Lome’ Togo Building the Inner Man training with The Timothy Initiative


May – 2019  Building the Inner Man training at First Baptist Church Harrison Arkansas


March 2019

Lafayette Baptist Association March 8-9 in Mayo, Florida (Airline Baptist Church)




Jan 2019

 The Timothy Initiative Jan 23rd to 25th in Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Phil Largent  and Koos Basson taught Building the Inner Man to a group of 37 church planters from TTI East Africa. Norm and Preston shared devotionals.


Pioneer Community Church Jan 20th to 22nd in Eldoret, Kenya

Norm, Christie, Preston and Brenda joined Koos Basson of IMD Africa to teach our Building the Inner Man course to 40+ leaders from Pastor Daniel Chelagat’s network.

IMD NDugu Jan 15-18 in Nairobi Kenya

Norm, Christie, Preston and Brenda West joined Koos Basson if IMD Africa to train our IMD Ndugu (Swahili for brothers) group.  We taught our course on Stewardship.

Nov 2018

Bill and John trained leaders in Northern India on Warning Sign and Guard Rails

Nov 2018

Rob and Koos trained church leaders in Mozambique

Oct 2018

Phil teaches on Intercessory Prayer in India with our Asia Master Teachers

Oct 2018

Christie, Lisa, Andrea and Candy train ladies in leadership in India

Oct 2018

Norm, and Todd did a Building the Inner Man training in India

Oct 2018

Candy, Andrea and Steph work with Koos Basson of IMD Africa to training leaders in Kenya

August 2018

Norm, Carl and Koos led a training of 35 leaders of the KHC Church in Dilla, Ethiopia.

These leaders represent 936 churches in Southern Ethiopia.


May 2018

Patrick and Norm led a training with 11 East African Leaders from 6 countries in Nairobi.

March 2018


February 2018








January 2018