Teaching, Training, and Encouraging Internationally

Church leaders all over the world are under attack as they serve Jesus and His church.

The enemy seeks to steal their abundant life, kill opportunities for their ministry, and destroy their effectiveness for the kingdom.

IMD International is a network of Master Teachers that train church leaders how to stay strong in their faith and to abide in Christ daily.

This is a huge need in the churches around the world and we have many times more requests for this training than we have Master Teachers who can fulfill these requests.

More than 20 of our Master Teachers received this training themselves in one of our international fields.

The training they received from IMD had an impact on their life and now they want to train others.

They join a number of USA based Master Teachers who are willing to give up one or two weeks each year to travel and teach internationally because they also know the critical nature of this kind of training.

Is God calling you to join an International Master Teacher or a USA based Master Teacher to take “Heart Training” to an international field?

Check out our upcoming international trips.

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