Feedback from USA-Based training

“I have had the opportunity to sit under the teaching of IMD International leaders on several occasions.  Phil and Norm are both godly men of integrity.  The teaching is able to challenge and encourage nearly simultaneously.  In all the training events I attended, my heart was changed.  It is obvious when the Spirit of God is moving through a conference leader, and I have seen that on every occasion.  I can also say that I have never heard any deviation from historic theology and doctrine.  I can, without reservation, recommend IMD International for any training event you wish to host.”

Frank Cornelius, Lead Church Planting Catalyst, Colorado Baptist General Convention


“Holy moly!! I couldn’t drink in the teaching fast enough tonight. The “Strengthening the Inner Man” training is incredible. FBCHers – you will not regret attending tomorrow beginning at 8:30. Had “breakthrough” tonight.”

Pastor Rob Davis – First Baptist Church of Harrison Arkansas


Building The Inner Man Feedback (USA)

“I have to say the inner man curriculum has really been challenging me on a deeper level. Honestly I have been greatly and personally impacted by it and for that I am very grateful. The 2 Peter passage has been particularly convicting and it is something I need. My journaling has actually improved since the meetings as well.

I had lunch with Joe Bowman yesterday and he reminded me that I had expressed to him and another pastor of wanting someday to be a “pastor to pastors”. He pointed out that this really seems to fall in line with that. I love what IMD is doing and I am praying for guidance in regards to the timing for an overseas trip. I feel conflicted now because of our adoption process and Ukraine commitment but look forward to how God will work it all out.”

In Him,

Chris Gilmore, Pastor

Joe Bowman, Pastor


“My wife and I found the Building the Inner Man training to be a wonderful balance of Biblical insight and practical application.  In particular, advice on spiritual disciplines for myself and for those I personally disciple was very advantageous.  For example, I’ve been doing a spiritual journal lately because of what was learned at this conference, and I’ve noticed recently a higher level of abiding in Christ in my life personally, which will result in having greater influence for God’s kingdom in ministry.  If our goal and purpose in life is to bring God glory by making disciples, then this training is excellent for preparing believers to do exactly that.”

Jared Bryant, Pastor and Missions Director


For me the training was exciting. It was exciting in that all the training could be applied to any person, no matter their role or position in the “church”. The training was so practical how I can apply the truth of the Bible into my life. It was not learning about a passage of scripture and the doctrine from the scripture. We dug deep into the Word and passages and they impacted my life.

The training to me shows true discipleship. Taking the Word of God and building a deeper relationship with Him. Building on your communication with the Lord through prayer and seeking His leading.

Of course the training is designed to acquaint a person with the material so they may be able to take this training and share with others.  But it also challenges you because if the teaching is not true in your life, you cannot really teach it, as the learner will see that you don’t have that in your life.

I approached the training asking the Lord to open my heart and mind as I participated in the training as to what He would have me do with what I learned. As we went through the training, I could not stop digging into the Word and thoughts were presented to me in ways I have never experienced before. I believe the Lord opened my eyes and heart to be more than a “learner” but to share through my life what I learned in the training.

Since the training I traveled to Ethiopia with Phil to help lead other believers in the training. As I listened to Phil my understanding grew even more to the point where I felt comfortable with leading different sessions of the material. I told Phil that it made me uncomfortable or intimidated that I would be teaching material where the author was right there with me, and I did not want to say something or disappoint him with what I said. Phil was nothing but encouraging. When I look back at what I said to him, it made me think how the Lord is right here with me all the time. He sees everything I do and say. So, when I read His Word and share with others what He’s revealed to me, I have the author seeing and hearing more than my words, He sees my heart. He is the Encourager, He is the God who sees.

I believe the training is intense, in that it will stretch you in your walk with the Lord. Well worth the time and effort to attend.

Carl Graham, Software Engineer and Lay Leader


This training is fundamental, foundational for Christian growth and development. It is probably the most worthwhile seminar I have attended in the past 45 plus years.

Paul Livingston, Pastor


I found this training to be instructional and applicable but mostly convicting. The Holy Spirit affirmed the importance of discipleship and how much we are lacking in this area. We tell people not to be saved but we don’t show them, lead them to what that really means. We spend time teaching children the basics but it’s as thou we throw adults into the fire and wish them luck. This training, this material, would be helpful in building a discipleship program. But I also thin, the Lord could use this as a way to ignite a blaze among those who have been believers for a long time but have grown stale in their walk. The passion for the Lord and the boldness to take God at this word and bring if forth to others is very contagious!!

Cindy Mulder, Director of Women’s Ministries FBC Yuma


The message is applicable to life immediately and is a much needed message for the church today. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to sit under Brother Phil’s teaching and to hear the heart of IMD as they continue to pursue the Lord and his leading in all of this! I recommitted my life to the study of God’s word, to learn it more and to share with others. Very practical, life changing material for me!!

Anomymous, April 2017


“Hearing from God” training uncovers in great detail what to in order to hear from God and provides specific practical applications. I was deeply impacted by learning about seven means of how to hear from God, which helped me to identify the main two means the Lord has been speaking to me through lately:  The bible and circumstances (mostly in regards to our family’s adoption journey). I’m grateful for Phil Largent who so eloquently and clearly delivered this Scripture-saturated training content! I look forward to seeing how God will be speaking and leading my husband me in His ministry.”

Tanya Gilmore, Pastor’s Wife and Teacher


I was impacted by the sincerity of Phil’s teaching. Knowing the struggle every day and seeing so many falling all around I know I need these principals. I desire to be a man after God’s own heart and walk with Him.

Anomymous, April 2017



Foundational yet deep and necessary for every believer. Time well spent with relationships and intimacy increasing potential for the Body of Christ.

Amy Martin, Teacher


I have been asking, praying and searching for the day to day highway to know and communicate with the god I have experienced. I am excited to not waste time on trying to figure out what God has to say, but being right in the middle of what He is doing and being prepared and confident.

Jolona Smith, Youth Leader