Recent Projects

Nov 2018

Bill and John trained leaders in Northern India on Warning Sign and Guard Rails

Nov 2018

Rob and Koos trained church leaders in Mozambique

Oct 2018

Phil teaches on Intercessory Prayer in India with our Asia Master Teachers

Oct 2018

Christie, Lisa, Andrea and Candy train ladies in leadership in India

Oct 2018

Norm, and Todd did a Building the Inner Man training in India

Oct 2018

Candy, Andrea and Steph work with Koos Basson of IMD Africa to training leaders in Kenya

August 2018

Norm, Carl and Koos led a training of 35 leaders of the KHC Church in Dilla, Ethiopia.

These leaders represent 936 churches in Southern Ethiopia.


May 2018

Patrick and Norm led a training with 11 East African Leaders from 6 countries in Nairobi.

March 2018


February 2018








January 2018


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